Sinds vorige week werd al geteased dat er het nodige aan nieuws zou verschijnen voor Assetto Corsa. De geruchten gingen van een nieuwe game tot e-sports. Laat het nu een beetje van allebei zijn. Vanaf de zomer 2018 komt er een early access voor Assetto Corsa Competizione. Een officiële game van de Blancpain GT series. Super details, nacht, regen, weer en wind in combinatie met de BlancPain GT monsters, zullen een jolijt van jewelste leveren. Het zal nog wel even duren voordat de volledige game beschikbaar komt, maar e-sport zullen worden ondersteund, alsmede een breed spectrum aan apparatuur waar het op zal kunnen draaien. Zin in?


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Nog wat meer info (bron: hun smoelenboek):

Assetto Corsa Competizione – Community FAQ Blog
Assetto Corsa·vrijdag 2 maart 2018

Last week, Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games unveiled Assetto Corsa Competizione to the world, our Official upcoming Blancpain GT Series game. The response has been overwhelming for the team and we’d like to first take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that sent us a positive message or expressed their excitement in one way or another – It means a lot to us!
Coming to Steam in the summer of 2018, Assetto Corsa Competizione will allow our community to experience the GT3 Series, where players will be able to compete against official drivers, teams and cars on circuits developed to the highest level of accuracy.
Since our announcement, you guys have absolutely flooded our community channels with questions. Instead of answering you all one by one, we opted to take the blog approach.
Let’s get started, shall we?

Community FAQ’s

What is Assetto Corsa Competizione?

Assetto Corsa Competizione is our all-new racing simulation that reproduces the Blancpain GT Series Championship managed by SRO and based on the GT3 homologation. ACC is not an additional module or an extension of Assetto Corsa but a different, new and separate product altogether!

Is AC Competizione a spin-off of Assetto Corsa?

Absolutely not! We are developing AC Competizione from scratch. It takes advantage of the Blancpain GT experience, know-how and data collection acquired while working on AC. However, AC Competizione is not AC featuring the Blancpain GT Series. It is a completely new game that will offer realistic car handling as well as new features and gameplay not seen before in our products.

Will AC Competizione be available on PC Steam only, or on console too?
Right now, all our efforts are going into developing Assetto Corsa Competizione on Steam, during Early Access.

Does AC Competizione use the UE4 Engine's physics?
AC Competizione will feature an evolution of the physics engine already used in Assetto Corsa, completely independent from UE4’s built in physics.

What is going to happen to Assetto Corsa now you’re working on Competizione?

The game will continue to be available for purchase, servers for multiplayer and lobbies will be kept open and active for as long as people continue to play it. The game will not receive further updates now (It has now been 7 years since AC development started and 4 years from its 1.0 release) Our entire team is now focused on AC Competizione.

Why the Blancpain GT Series? What does make it so special?

When we started to figure out what the new AC would have to be, we saw that -including AC- the current generation of racing games offers a huge variety of "generic" titles performing multiple race modes with any kind of cars. This usually results in finding a compromise in terms of score, racing rules, gameplay modes etc.

On the other side, very few games are dedicated to a specific race series that can be completely simulated in all its detail and, more importantly, can keep gamers focused.

Whenever we’ve asked the community for their opinion, GT racing was always on the top of their wish list, and we found that the Blancpain GT Series fits the bill! Featuring Sprint races, endurance, night racing, driver swaps, official teams and drivers, these are exactly the things our fans asked for! Not to mention the best GT cars available, in their racing outfit, that results in lightness, handling, grip and brake power. Add to this formula the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, and you get the best thrilling GT racing series ever.

Will we see a day / night cycle in Assetto Corsa Competizione?
Yes – Players will be able to race at any time of the day, thanks to a realtime, full day / night cycle.

What are the recommended system requirements for Assetto Corsa Competizione?
Our minimum target specification is currently an i5-2500/AMD FX-8100 or equivalent, 4 GB RAM and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760. However, right now, it’s way too early to be more precise. Over time, we'll be able to be more specific later as we continue to develop ACC. Therefore, if you are considering upgrading your hardware configuration, we strongly suggest you wait for our Early Access before upgrading.

Will Assetto Corsa Competizione be moddable? And will modders be able to port their work onto AC Competizione?
Assetto Corsa's structure was designed from the beginning to be moddable. Being developed with UE4, AC Competizione processes data and assets through a completely different structure and file format. Therefore, the game will not be compatible with mod contents created for Assetto Corsa. Also, our team does not have enough experience with UE4 to tackle both the development a brand-new game and the challenges of supporting an open platform in the time frame available for this project.

We are fully aware of the importance of modding and its contribution to the success of Assetto Corsa. It's a great way for new talents to emerge, for the community to "suggest" new directions and/or simply to make a product richer. It is not a coincidence that some of the best community members are now contributing with us to the evolution of the software.

However, for ACC this element will have to be put in stand-by mode for a series of reasons. The most important one is that we have given ourselves an enormous task of rebuilding, once again our software from (almost) scratch. In a world where pretty much, every product you see on the market in simracing is an evolution of games that have been on the market 10-15 years ago, our approach is to get a big axe and reset things to (almost) zero before starting with a new project. ACC is no exception.
In this case the task is rendered more complex by the fact that we are using, for the first time a third party engine that we did not design ourselves and the truth is, given the amount of time we have available to deliver ACC to the public, we have more than enough on our hands trying to figure out how to use the engine effectively to also think about how to make the platform moddable.

As you can imagine, this has been source of endless discussions in the last year and half as every decision comes with pros and cons, there is going to be pain no matter what your final call will be. It goes without saying that we believe we made the right call even if that means losing the huge benefits of a moddable platform.
We know this might not cover everything, but over time we will continue to answer your most frequently asked questions! Once again, we want to thank our community for the outpour of support you’ve shown us since our announcement last week. We absolutely cannot wait to tell you more about Assetto Corsa Competizione in the near future!
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Vertaling van het (italiaanse) interview:

Features & content

- Driver swaps confirmed
- They will use the 2018 season for the content
- There will be 10 circuits (you can find them on the Blancpain calendar)
- Official leaderboards (basically RSR inside the game)
- Ranking system for both skill and safety similar to iRacing (he mentions the latest GranTurismo's one). They hired the guy behind Minorating for this
- They will follow their philosophy, so the handling will be realistic (as it was in AC)
- Tyre model, aero and suspension geometry will be improved thanks to new developers that have been hired in the last year (one of them is also a mechanical engineer)
- ACC will be more versatile and easier to use for people with less experience (which doesn't mean less realism)

Pricing & release

- Early Access (beta version) at a lower price than the release one
- No release date announced, not even approximately

On Unreal Engine 4

- Choice of UE4 was driven by desire of focusing on the features that were lacking in AC1, basically "gameplay features" like implementing the various RL regulations, better career mode, better AI etc. (He supports this decision by saying that Kunos' competitors, even though with a way bigger workforce, have decided to avoid writing an Engine by themselves)
- They have worked 8 months during 2017 on R&D testing the Unreal Engine, Marco says that it has been an huge risk because they still didn't know if UE4 was the right choice. He mentions as an example the need to do separate renders for the mirrors, which they had trouble to implement initially as UE4 engine is "general" and not geared towards sim use. This required weeks of telemetry of how it works, how it uses CPU/GPU etc.
- The assets needed some rework as well, in order to be optimized for the different engine (as a result of the aforementioned analysis)
- They will also probably use UE4 for their future projects
- He praises the photorealism of the Unreal Engine, even though some months were needed before both the eye candy and the framerate started to get to the desired level
- They took some inspiration on how to solve some issues they had from videos of other games made with the Unreal Engine, mainly the ones made by Milestone

On collaboration between real racing teams & Blancpain

- With this license they are going to have an even stronger collaboration between Kunos and drivers/racing teams
- They will be at many racing weekends in order to gather data from the teams
- Many teams use AC for the training of their pilots. Some of the teams also asked them some advice to build their own simulator
- Many drivers asked Kunos help to setup simulators in order to train for new tracks, for example
- They received numerous eSports contacts, but for the moment they are focusing on the development of the game. (Based on the way he talked about this, I believe esports will come)
- Kunos is working on a connection between virtual and real Blancpain (for example ideal time laps vs real ones, plus something similar to RSR with invitations to the races for the fastest guys, he mentions GranTurismo's Academy)

About AC1

- Expected AC sales : 100 thousand copies, results about 1.4 million users
- He mentions comments of people on Facebook that were saying to him that the training/playing time in AC proved useful to catch the car in RL critical situations.
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Djie schreef : Ik vermoed dat de game zeer beperkt gaat zijn qua content, alleen de circuits en auto's van het Blancpain kampioenschap.

Dat denk ik ook! Een beetje a la RaceRoom Racing Experience en F1 die elk jaar content aanlevert voor het huidige jaar. Terugblikken zal dan niet gebeuren....

Wel gaaf want dan ligt de focus op de competitie en de simulatie! (Hoop ik)
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Ik vermoed dat de game zeer beperkt gaat zijn qua content, alleen de circuits en auto's van het Blancpain kampioenschap.
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Djie schreef : Gaaf! Dit moet ook betekenen dat alle circuits van de Blancpain GT3 serie in de game moeten gaan komen, dat zijn:
Brands Hatch
Circuit Paul Ricard
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Een aantal van deze zitten al in de huidige AC, en de overige zullen neem ik aan ook Laser scanned aanwezig zijn!

Waarschijnlijk daarmee dat het minstens tot de zomer zal duren :P Een nieuwe track bij hun duurt altijd wel even, maar is dan ook van heel hoge kwaliteit.

Wilt dan ook zeggen dat er een paar nieuwe auto's zullen bijkomen, niet? Bijvoorbeeld:
Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3
Bentley Continental GT3
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wel interessant! Dat betekent waarschijnlijk maar een handvol auto's en die 12 circuits.
Betekent dat de core vooral op de race ervaring en e-sports zou kunnen liggen en AC er naast nog prima te onderhouden is.
Ben benieuwd wat dit alles mag brengen!
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Is het nog geen zomer? :P
Grafisch zit het wel in orde met de Unreal 4 engine. Hoop verder dat ze de simulatie bij regen wat op punt hebben. Dag/nacht cyclus is ook meteen welkom.

Ben benieuwd hoe het online ranking zal werken en het e-sport gedeelte
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Gaaf! Dit moet ook betekenen dat alle circuits van de Blancpain GT3 serie in de game moeten gaan komen, dat zijn:
Brands Hatch
Circuit Paul Ricard
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Een aantal van deze zitten al in de huidige AC, en de overige zullen neem ik aan ook Laser scanned aanwezig zijn!